Alina Calinescu C-IAYT, E-RYT500, BSc

Yoga Therapist/Yoga Teacher
Education Director -
The Internal Peace Initiative

Alina is a dedicated full-time Registered Yoga Teacher/Certified Yoga Therapist /Teacher Trainer with over 6,000 hours of teaching experience.

Her formal education as an engineer combined with her extensive Yoga Therapy Training has placed her into an elite and emerging category known as a 'Human Body Engineer'.
Alina has the knowledge and experience to quickly and easily recognize and diagnose functional and structural issues of the body. She has keen observation skills and a high degree of sensitivity to recognize and assist with various emotional issues too. Her intuition combined with her extensive training allows her to pursue remedies far beyond the physical.

She's an energetic and enthusiastic Yoga Therapist who skillfully assists her clients on their path to health and wellness. As a Teacher Trainer Alina has nurtured many others to teach and share her passion of the various styles and forms of yoga that she utilizes. Her current endeavors include teaching yoga classes for GoodLife Fitness as well as her appointment as the Education Director for The Internal Peace Initiative.

Alina has over 1000 hours of training from expert teachers, including:

Karen Heaven Claffey   -   500 hour Yoga Therapy/Teacher Training
Bernie Clark   -   Yin Yoga
Jennifer Reis   -   Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®
Maria Kalima   -   Functional Yoga Therapy
Judith Hanson Lasater   -   Restorative Yoga, Anatomy and Kinesiology
Invitational, Moving From The Organs
Neil Pearson   -   Pain Care Yoga
Dr. McCall   -   Yoga as Medicine