Carol Bacon - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Carol Bacon - Certified Foot Reflexologist

Registered by
The Ontario College
of Reflexology

Ontario College of Reflexology

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Mobile Holistic Health Practice

Great news! I will come to your home or office and provide treatment and counselling so you may relax in the comfort of familiar surroundings. This means that, especially after Reflexology treatments, you continue to relax and do not have to walk or drive in the cold, immediately after treatment, thus maximizing the effect and benefits.

I have, from a young age, always wanted to help other people in some capacity. This was the driving force behind my decision to become a Certified Nutritional Manager, graduating from Centralia College of Agricultural Technology. This college was certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

After a debilitating car accident I went in search of different therapies to help manage my chronic pain. After feeling the positive affect that Reflexology had on helping relieve some of my agony, I wanted to help others who suffered from similar pain with Reflexology. Now that I have graduated, with high honours, from the Ontario College of Reflexology and am a registered member in good standing, I am able to fulfill my dream of helping others at deeper level. I will be adding to my list of Natural Healing modalities in the near future, as no one therapy is a quick one time fix or cure all. My personal goal is to help as many people, as I can, to reach their optimal health level regardless of age.

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There are more than 7000 nerve endings in our feet. Reflexology is an ancient healing practice that relays messages both to and from the central nervous system. This promotes Counterpoise (balance) and rejuvenation throughout the entire body. If you are looking for stress reduction as part of a preventative health care regemin then Reflexology is a great place to start.

Remember that learning about all the alternative medical therapies available to you is the first step in making informed choices about your body and your well-being.

Reflexology has been gaining in recognition as an enhancing aid to your regular health care and is now very well accepted in North America

Everything from daily stress management to relief from some of the more significant diseases such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are routinely being treated by a health regimen which includes Reflexology Becoming more aware of the choices available for healing, health and wellness is the first step toward improving the quality of your life.

Reflexology is a subtle, yet powerful approach to balancing the body, which empowers both you and your body to better enjoy a healthier life and lifestyle.

Please phone (519) 495-8315 or email to arrange an appointment with me personally and we can begin your healing process and stress reduction in the comfort of your own home or office.

Pictograph from tomb of Ankh ma hor

From the Physcian's Tomb (Ankh ma hor)
circa 2500 B.C.
showing hand and foot work.

Nutritional Management
Nutritional care is the application of the science of nutrition with consideration given to pleasing the palate. Helping people to nourish their bodies throughout all ages of their lives through the provision of nutrition counselling, menu planning and diet recommendations.

Nutritional screening refers to the process of identifying clients who are at increased risk for malnourishment. For these clients a more detailed assesment is provided to access the degree of nutritional care needed.

I will demonstrate, to you, my knowledge of nutritional supplements, participate in routine nutritional screening and keep up with your nutritional and menu planning needs. I will develop your nutritional care plan as part of your health care team.

Please phone (519) 495-8315 or email me personally to arrange an appointment to begin your nutritionally Counterpoised Lifestyle!
Healthy Diet Plan

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