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Christmas tree in the Sanctuary
(photo courtesy of D. Cuppels)

From the minister's desk:


ďBe patient, therefore, beloved, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious crop from the earth, being patient with it until it receives the early and the late rains.Ē Ė James 5:7

Waiting. Nobody likes waiting. Lines. Traffic. Doctorís office. The way the other line in the bank drive-through always moves faster. Stuck behind the guy who canít count to ten in the 10-items-or-less lane at HEB. Waiting. For the bus. For the show to start. For the file to download. For the other shoe to drop.

Someone, somewhere on the Internet (that infinite universe of meaningless statistics) has estimated the average person spends 45 to 62 minutes a day waiting. And we hate it. Waiting drives us crazy. So, we fight it. Rushing, running, planning, speeding, doing. GPS in the car. Double windows at the drive-through. 4G networks for cell phones. Overnight shipping. One-minute meals. Instant gratification. Waiting time is wasted time, and none of us can afford to waste even a minute.  

So, what do we do when God asks us to wait?

Do we wait like the pregnant woman for childbirth? Like the farmer for the precious crop?


We do what we do when anyone else asks us to wait. We fight it. We rebel. We argue and whine and refuse. When God asks us to wait we respond by doing. We transfer our business from the life of the world into the life of the Kingdom. 

God says wait. Instead, we do.

And our doing becomes our undoing, because we can never do enough. But at least we feel better, having contributed our busy little part to doing nothing. We fight Godís call to wait because we mistakenly define waiting as worthlessness, as waste, as doing nothing. But what if weíre wrong? What if waiting, Godís waiting, isnít about doing nothing, but doing the right thing? 

Farmers wait. They wait for rain. They wait for crops to grow. They wait for the harvest. But no one confuses a farmerís waiting with doing nothing, because as they wait, they do what they know how to do. They do what they can, knowing God will do the rest.

Expectant mothers wait. They wait for contractions. They wait for labor. But you canít confuse a pregnant womanís waiting with doing nothing. Pregnant women wait, doing what they can do, while God does the rest.

Godís waiting is an active waiting. It requires not that we do nothing, but that we do only what we can do. It requires that we know our limits. Which, in turn, requires slowing down and listening.

Start with not doing. Listen. If God leads you to do that one thing, go do it. But keep your heart and mind and ears open for how God wants to use you in that situation. If God wants you to do something, God surely has a reason for it.

Advent is a time of waiting. Let it be a time of active waiting. Farmers do. Mary did. And when she did, God broke into the world in a new and unexpected way! May it be the same for us!

ďYou also must be patient. Strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near.Ē Ė James 5:8

Blessings to you in this Season of Advent. And may our waiting bring us to the wonder of Christmas in new and unexpected ways,

Rev. Wendy



(Worship services at Dundas St. Centre United Church will be held at 11:00 am and led by Rev. Wendy Noble unless stated otherwise)


NOV. 19:  Stewardship: An Attitude of Gratitude. Part I.

NOV. 26 :  Stewardship: An Attitude of Gratitude. Part II.

DEC. 3:  First Sunday of Advent: Communion.

DEC. 10:  Second Sunday of Advent: White Gift Sunday.  Children's presentation during the worship service.

DEC. 17:  Third Sunday of Advent: Joys of Christmas.  Minute for Mission.

DEC. 24:   Shared Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve services: 11 am at Dundas St. Centre United Church and 7:30 pm at Rowntree Memorial United Church (156 Elliott Street, London).

DEC. 31: New Year's Eve worship service at 11 am. Informal cafe-style service in the Sunday School Auditorium with potluck sweets and coffee/tea.




  • The next Unified Board meeting will be December 9th at 10:15 am

  • Now on sale: Pictorial Guide to Dundas St. Centre United Church.  Cost: $25. 


    This 32-page booklet highlights the architectural beauty of our Romanesque Revival church, which is listed as one of Londonís most important designated historic structures. There are 42 colour photos with accompanying commentary.  A great Christmas gift for church members and adherents!

    If you would like to order one of these booklets, please email the church office at outofthecold@golden.net (subject line: Pictorial Guide).  You can also sign up for a copy of The Guide  during Sunday coffee hours (after the worship service).








december 3-24 2017

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