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Christmas arrangement in the Sanctuary
(photo courtesy of D. Cuppels)

From the minister's desk:

As the days of summer draw to a close we walk towards autumn. Each of the seasons offers a great deal of wisdom for the spiritual journey. Autumn is a season of transition, reminding us that our lives are constantly in flux. Of course change is always with us, but autumn brings us to a deeper awareness that we live in a continual cycle of dying and rising. 

In the Benedictine tradition, one of the commitments is to conversion. Essentially it means being open to the surprise of God throughout your life and therefore open to change. It means believing that God is far bigger than anything you can ever imagine, and so there will always be more dimensions of the sacred to discover. 

The autumn leaves changing colours are actually reverting to their original hue as chlorophyll is gradually blocked. As the trees begin to pull energy inward for the coming hibernation of winter, the chlorophyll in the leaves decreases and the vibrant shades we witness are the tree's true colour. As autumn begins, we are called to reflect where we are being invited to surrender our masks and become more truly whom we already are. With fall's energy of release, we are asked to consider the things, habits, beliefs, and attitudes that we are being called to let go of in the coming days. 

The autumnal equinox is the day when the sun rests above the equator and day and night is divided equally. Autumn's gifts reflect this balance between two energies: the invitation to relinquish and to harvest. Autumn is a season of paradox that invites us to consider what we are called to release and surrender, to consider what no longer serves us. Autumn calls us to consider what gets in the way of being present to the holiness of each moment. Autumn also invites us to gather in the harvest, to name and celebrate the fruit of the seeds of dreams we planted months ago. In holding these two in tension, we are reminded that in our letting go, we also find abundance. 

The radiant amber light of late afternoon spilling through clouds illuminates autumn branches strung with glittering jewel tones. The Japanese culture uses the term “wabi-sabi” to describe the beauty of the withered, weathered, tarnished, scarred, intimate, coarse, earthly, evanescent, tentative, and ephemeral. Autumn calls us to remember our own fragility and cherish this beauty.

In many ways, autumn is also a time of new beginnings. School starts, and while we may no longer be students, we might be teachers or parents or otherwise connected to the academic year. Our Jewish sisters and brothers celebrate their new liturgical year right now, a time of introspection, and reflection. May this season offer you a new beginning of your own. Listen for the invitation to open yourself to the surprises God has waiting for you, or to release the mask that hinders you.

Fall is the Season that I find most inviting for walking. Walking is a form of prayer for me. I like to take leash and Maddie  ^..^ (the Westie) in hand and head to a nearby park and practice being absolutely present to the world. Here I listen for the wisdom that the seasons offer my life. Pilgrimage is an ancient spiritual practice that recognizes that walking out in the world calls us to wider horizons, even if that journey is only a few miles.

Consider making time for your own contemplative walk and bring yourself fully present to each step and breath. Ask yourself the questions: How do I walk in this world? How do I want to walk in this world? Allow your body to guide you into a response. Does the way you walk and move through life reflect your most authentic self? If not, how might the season guide you in the act of letting go of what no longer serves you or your relationship to God? 

Gather objects along the way -- a brilliant leaf that tumbles in front of you, a stone that feels solid and cool, a broken branch laying on the ground as an offering. Bring them home and lay them in a sacred space, an honouring of the gifts of this season. Continue to listen for their call to you as the autumn unfolds. Let them become a guide for the days ahead.



Rev. Wendy



(Worship services at Dundas St. Centre United Church will be held at 11:00 am and led by Rev. Wendy Noble unless stated otherwise)


NOV. 19:  Stewardship: An Attitude of Gratitude. Part I.

NOV. 26 :  Stewardship: An Attitude of Gratitude. Part II.

DEC. 3:  First Sunday of Advent: Communion.

DEC. 10:  Second Sunday of Advent: White Gift Sunday.  Children's presentation during the worship service.

DEC. 17:  Third Sunday of Advent: Joys of Christmas.  Minute for Mission.

DEC. 24:   Shared Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve services: 11 am at Dundas St. Centre United Church and 7:30 pm at Rowntree Memorial United Church (156 Elliott Street, London).

DEC. 31: New Year's Eve worship service at 11 am. Informal cafe-style service in the Sunday School Auditorium with potluck sweets and coffee/tea.




  • The next Unified Board meeting will be December 9th at 10:15 am

  • Now on sale: Pictorial Guide to Dundas St. Centre United Church.  Cost: $25. 


    This 32-page booklet highlights the architectural beauty of our Romanesque Revival church, which is listed as one of London’s most important designated historic structures. There are 42 colour photos with accompanying commentary.  A great Christmas gift for church members and adherents!

    If you would like to order one of these booklets, please email the church office at outofthecold@golden.net (subject line: Pictorial Guide).  You can also sign up for a copy of The Guide  during Sunday coffee hours (after the worship service).








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