LONDON, Ontario, Canada  N6B 1W6

                               Tele: 519-434-9173
                     Email: outofthecold@golden.net





Dundas Street Centre United Church is home to several outreach programs that feed and clothe the needy in the city of London. We have many volunteers who give countless hours of their free time to enable the continuation of these activities. We also depend on the financial generosity of our friends and members to carry out good works in the community.

Please consider a donation to one of our programs.  You will receive a charitable tax receipt early in the new year for the total amount of this year's donation(s) so be sure to include your full mailing address and contact information. 

When you make a donation, you will be able to choose from one of the following funds:

  • Dundas Centre United Operating Fund used to help defray the costs of heat and utilities.

  • Out of the Cold hospitality meal - weekly meals feed 140-200 hungry people from the community.

  • Good Samaritan Cupboard - volunteers repair and recycle donated clothing and produce quilts and knitted articles for families in need.

  • Memorial Fund - used to refurbish and repair the building as needed. A meaningful way to celebrate the life of a deceased friend or loved one. The name of the honoree will be added to our Memorial Book.

  • Building Maintenance for the upkeep of our beautiful heritage-designated sanctuary and supporting facilities.

  • Other - If you wish that your donation is used wherever most needed please choose this option.


Please make your cheque payable to Dundas St. Centre United Church and indicate on the back of the cheque which fund you wish to support.  Mail the cheque to:

                   Dundas Street Centre United Church
                   482 Dundas Street,
                   London, Ontario N6B 1W6

Thank you for supporting the programs of Dundas Centre United Church!



Shopping Card Program

Dear Dundas St Centre United Church Supporters,

We all spend money on groceries, gasoline, computer supplies, gifts, etc. Through the Shopping Card Program you can turn your everyday shopping into meaningful funds for our church.  The money raised will be used for Mission Ministries at Dundas St. Centre United Church.

Depending upon the retailer, up to 15% of each dollar on a shopping card goes to the church.  The retailers and the percentage profit to the church are shown on the order form. You can purchase these cards by filling out an order form and mailing the form, along with a cheque for the full amount requested (made out to 'Dundas St. Centre United Church '), to:

                            Dundas Street Centre United Church
                            Attn: Shop & Support
                            482 Dundas St.
                            London, ON   N6B 1W6

As an alternative, bring your filled-out form and cheque to the church and place them in a locked box in the custodians' office. The deadline for submission of orders is the first Sunday of each month.   Your card order can be picked up one week later at the church during coffee hour.  If you need more info, please call the church office (519-434-9173) or go to

Thank you for your support

Order Form:   Shopping Card Form.pdf