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Exercise to help relieve Anxiety


Find yourself in a comfortable position either seated or lying down, preferably in a way that will help to keep you awake, alert and aware.

Your eyes can be open or closed and you are free to move slightly and make subtle adjustments to keep yourself comfortable.

Focus on your breath. Simply sense yourself breathing. If you are able to, try breathing in and out through your nostrils. Inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils is preferred, but not necessary.

Breathe slow and deep. As you are breathing, see if you can actually feel the air passing through the nasal passages (or the throat). Try inhaling in deep enough to make your ribs move (expanding, even just slightly). Notice how and where your body moves when you exhale as well. Avoid holding your breath, just breath in and out and notice how you breathe.

Can you sense if your breath is shallow or deep, warm or cold? Is your breath consistent and rhythmical, or does it vary and change. Don't try to change or manipulate the pace, simply notice anything and everything related to how you are breathing at this moment.

Practice this "Breath Awareness" concept a few times until you become comfortable and can do it with ease.