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Exercise for people suffering from Chronic Pain

chronic pain

Chronic pain can affect any area of the body and can vary in its intensity from person to person and even from time to time.

If you have been suffering from pain that just won't seem to go away, even after months have gone by, try this simple exercise to see if it helps:

Sit or lie comfortably and begin by focussing on your breath. As you pay attention to your breath, begin to bring awareness to the part (or parts) of your body that feel discomfort or pain. Without moving your body, just focus on the area that often experiences the discomfort. Focus on slow deep breathing, while being very aware of all of the sensations in the specific area of your body that normally feels the discomfort or pain.

Rather than ignore or avoid the feeling of discomfort or pain, open your senses to all of the feelings in that area. Rather than resist the feelings, make your best effort to welcome and embrace the feelings. Avoid clenching and resisting. Try to release and relax as much as possible. Do your best to embrace all sensations in this area.

Now, begin to become aware and feel into a different part of your body. See if you can find a part of your body that feels open and spacious. Notice how this part of your body may feel relaxed and comfortable. Breathe into this part of your body. Notice and feel that area. Welcome and embrace these sensations. See if you can tell if your emotions or your general attitude may have shifted as you focus on this relaxed area of your body. Stay with this feeling for a few minutes.

Bring your awareness back to your breath. Breathe slow and deep, still sensing the relaxed and open part of your body.

Then, bring your awareness back to the part of your body that normally feels the discomfort or the pain. Continue to focus on your breath. Slow, deep breathing. Welcome and accept all sensations in this area of the body again.

Return again to the open, comfortable part of your body. Welcoming and embracing those feelings, while you still focus on the slow, deep breathing.

Now, see if you can go back and forth. At your own pace, simply move your attention from the area of the body that normally feels discomfort or pain to the area of the body that feels open, spacious and relaxed. Remain focussed on your breath while you do this.

Finally, see if you can hold both sensations simultaneously. Hold both the discomfort or sensations of pain AND the sensations of being open and relaxed. Hold both, at the same time.

Then, simple let go of this exercise. Accepting it just as it was.

Notice how you feel now.

If you found this exercise helpful, feel free to repeat it anytime, anywhere.