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Trauma Exercise


If you, a friend or loved one think that you may have experienced trauma, consider trying this simple exercise that may help you to feel better;

Sit in a comfortable chair. Sit upright, being alert and attentive. You may complete the full exercise listed below or practise any portion of it that you are comfortable with.

Notice where your feet are touching the floor (even if you have shoes or socks on)
Take a moment to move your feet just slightly
Then settle your feet on to the floor
Notice the sensation of your feet touching the floor
Press lightly into the floor with your feet

Now, notice where your legs are touching the chair
Lift one leg up slightly so that at least part of the upper leg is no longer touching the chair
Lower that leg back down on to the chair
Stop and notice how that leg is in contact with the chair
Then lift the other leg up
Notice the part of the upper leg that is not touching the chair
Lower that leg back down so that it is in contact with the chair
Feel how that leg is now touching the chair

Continue to sit upright, alert and attentive
Place your hands with palms facing on your thighs, hands close to your knees

Begin to focus on your breath Just notice, without trying to change anything, notice how you are breathing
See if you can feel the air coming in and going out
Whether you are using your nose or mouth to breath, try to breathe just a little slower
Don't hold your breath at all
Breathe in slowly, and then breathe out slowly
See if you can feel your ribs or chest move as you breathe slowly in and out
Without trying to hard, just notice how you are breathing

Sit attentively with your hands resting on your thighs, palms facing downward
When you breathe in, lift your hands up, keeping the palms facing towards your legs
As you breathe out slowly lower you hands back on to your thighs
Moving slowly, breathe in again and lift hands up
Breathe out and lower the hands back down
Let you hands rise and fall with your breath a few times

Then relax back into the chair that you are sitting in
Check in with yourself and see how you feel

If you found this exercise helpful, feel free to repeat it anytime, anywhere.