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High Temp Extreme Pressure

MMC 2000 Hi-Tech Red Grease is an all purpose non melt grease specially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy duty service. It is one of the few greases able to withstand heavy shock load and impact pressure of 65 Timkin load capabilities. It's uniqueness however is its high temperature range up to 1000o F under such conditions. Additionally it has excellent adhesive and cohesive properties, resists most acids, weather, dirt, salt spray, steam and oxidation. Use in all applications calling for Heavy Load and High Temp Grease.

Typical uses:

Pulp and Paper Mills
Petro Chemical
Power Plants
Steel Mills
Cement Factories
Automobile Manufacturing
Heavy Equipment
Oil Fields
All Industries requiring a
High Temp and Heavy Load Grease
MMC 2000
Physical Specifications:

Colour Red
Timkin Retention Test
- Test Duration
- Scar width, mm 1.7
4 Ball Wear (ASTMD-2266) 0.61
Leakage Tendencies (ASTMD -1263) 0.05
NLG1 Grade 2.0
Timkin OK Load (ASTMD-2509) 65lbs
Penetration (ASTMD-217) 245-265mm
Water Resistance Excellent
Rust Resistance Excellent
Acid Resistance Excellent
Maximum Operating Temperature 1000oF

MMC Micro Metals Compounds
MMC Micro Metals Compounds MMC Micro Metals Compounds