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Hydro Forming Lubricant
New Innovation

During the past five years Lee Industrial Ltd. has developed a NEW lubricant and concept involving the process known as hydro forming. As you may or may not know, hydroforming is a process where heavy metal parts (such as automobile frames) are formed under pressure using a water based emulsion. To assist with this process a lubricant is usually applied to the stock tube prior to entering the press and die cavity. This process has been used for some time but has numerous shortcomings, briefly highlighted as follows:
The precoat lube is not re-useable.
The process requires the use of biocides to control mold.
Extensive filtration, recycling and disposal of toxic waste is required.
Dies and all press components are subject to abrasion and subsequent wear.

The product we have developed eliminates all of the above and therefor is not only user friendly, but also cost effective and environmentally friendly.

MMC Micro Metals Compounds
MMC Micro Metals Compounds MMC Micro Metals Compounds