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MMC 44 Silicone Dielectric Lubricant
MMC 44

MMC44 is a moisture resistant, non-curing paste which retains its consistency and properties over a temperature range of -55o to +500oF. MMC44 is essentially non-toxic and non-melting, has excellent dielectric properties, resistant to oxidation, moisture and most chemicals. MMC44 is insoluble in water, alcohols and mineral oil. Inert to rubber and plastic, use as a lubricant and mold release agent.

Typical Uses:

Moisture proof seal for ignition systems and spark plug connections
Disconnect junctions in electrical wiring systems
Lubricant for cable connections, switches and rubber / plastic O-rings
Corrosion protection for copper conductors, battery terminals and device leads
Mold release agent for foundry shell and core molds, rubber and plastic processing
Gasket treatment
Cabling pulling lubricant
Protects metal to plastic
Excellent chemical resistance
Physical Properties:
Type silicone compound
Appearance Translucent, thixotropic paste
Specific Gravity 0.977
Temperature Stability (-550 to +5000F)
Evaporation <1%
Melting Point None
Dielectric Constant at 5 Hz 3.0
Dielectric Strength 182 kV/cm (462 V/mil)
Dielectric Loss (tan delta at 50Hz) 17
Volume Resistivity 1 x 1015ohm/cm

Not to be used with Liquid Oxygen.

MMC Micro Metals Compounds
MMC Micro Metals Compounds MMC Micro Metals Compounds

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