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Multi Purpose
Sealant, Lubricant, Anti-Seize
Teflon tape, liquid teflon, silicones, gasket sealants, pipe dopes, lock tight compounds, anti seize compounds and most popular lubricants.

Threaded Fittings - Seals instantly! Does NOT Harden!

Lubricates and seals copper, brass, steel fittings / prevents corrosion between fittings of dissimilar metals.
Lubricates and seals all plastic fittings including metal to plastic / allows easy break out.
Lubricates seals and locks hydraulic fittings / no risk of contamination to system / tested to 14,000 P.S.I.
Lubricates and seals steam fittings / high pressure - high temperature.

Gaskets - Seals instantly but allows sealed gaskets to lift off without sticking to surfaces (can be re-used in many situations)

Seals instantly all metal gaskets / prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals
Seals instantly all composition gaskets
Lubricates, seals and extends life of compression gaskets and rubber "O" rings

Lubricates - Lasts and lasts / does not fly off / lubricates at temperatures from -50o to 2100o F!

Lubricates and prevents corrosion on all gears, sprockets and chains
Excellent for hot ovens
Lubricates bushings
Lubricates cabels / prevents seizing from corrosion as well as freezing

NOT to be used on roller bearings or with liquid oxygen.

Use during assembly to prevent seizing, galling and corrosion due to high heat, extreme pressure and corrosive environments
Temperature range -50o F to +2100o F

Nuts and Bolts - Works like a charm!

Lubricates and locks all nuts and bolts / eliminates loosening caused by vibration
Allows easy break out even under the most severe conditions
Prevents stripping of Aluminum threads

Special Features

Non toxic
Contains no Lead, Sulphur or Chlorine
Inert to rubber / non-sparking / non-metallic
Does not harden or dry out
Temperature range -50o F to +2100o F
Can be used on wet surfaces as it displaces water

MMC Micro Metals Compounds
MMC Micro Metals Compounds MMC Micro Metals Compounds

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