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Test Site ONLY
Test Site ONLY
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Anti-seize Lubricating
and Sealing Compounds
High Temp Extreme Pressure
Hydro Forming Lubricant
New Innovation Non Toxic
Silicone Dielectric
Multi Purpose Lubricant
Silicone FREE Dielectric

Services Offered

Manufacturing and Packaging
Private Labeling (Small minimum orders O.K.)
Custom Blending
Large or Small Batch Runs
Product Development
Test Runs
Direct Shipping
Worldwide Distribution
Total Turnkey Solutions


With todays economy and fluctuating metal prices, we at Lee Industrial Ltd. would like to assure all present and future customers that our products are being manufactured with the highest quality materials and are being offered at the most competitive price possible.

Judson G. Lee

MMC Micro Metals Compounds
MMC Micro Metals Compounds MMC Micro Metals Compounds