I wonder

I wandered lonley as a horse shoe,
'neath a body great and vast.
It crushed my very being, nearly,
every time that it came past.

excerpt from "the mermaids dream"

. . . The water was pleasantly warm as she stepped over the first wave. Catherine walked out until the whitecaps just licked at her nipples, then she plunged beneath the surface and swam. Alone in the ocean, with nothing between her skin and the warm salt water, she felt complete and at peace. She swam around, for well over an hour, until the muscles in her arms ached so much that she felt she could swim no further. Catherine rolled over, floated on her back, in order to rest, and gazed upward. The stars were so beautiful and the waves gently rolled beneath her body. She fancied that she remembered the time before her birth, warm, naked and alone, surrounded by salt water. She felt as safe and secure now, as she imagined that she had felt then. She understood, for those moments, what it must feel like to be a mermaid, safe from the troubles of the world, in the warm wet womb of the ocean.

Being still and doing nothing are two very different things.